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Meet the Team

Silhouete of Mark Rind

Mark Rind


Mark took over ownership of Café Revival at the end of 2012. He originally trained as an actor and spent a number of subsequent years schlepping to auditions; some he got, some he didn't. Mark is not one to name drop so he wasn't in a Nokia advert that was shown worldwide, likewise he wasn't the voice of 80's star Metal Mickey when they tried to bring him out of hibernation and his one man show certainly wasn't described as 'sensational' by London's leading comedy critic, neither would he be so crass as to suggest that he appeared in the final episode of Blackadder.

Passionate about education and young people's connection to theatre, Mark took a turn as Head of Drama at a leading Independent Boy's School before jumping back into the theatre world as an arts administrator and producer.

With a desire to return to his west country roots, Mark spotted Cafe Revival and fell in love with it's delightful charm and, at the time, untapped historic importance. He can now be found chatting with customers, laughing with his staff and preparing today's fresh food. If you see him working up a sweat as he runs around our three storey building, give him a smile....it makes his day, and he'll give you a big welcoming smile back!


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